A perfect procurement solution doesn't exi-

Well executed procurement can do more for your company than you might think.Beckius Systems is the easier, cheaper and safer way.

Behold. No more troubles.

Pick the device.

Integrate your software.


With Beckius Systems, your company can acquire a whole new fleet of Smartphones, Phones, Tablets, PC's and much more at the best price & conditions.
We offer integration services for all your software & security related needs.

We grow your 


Find out how your firm will profit
from our solid ties with top manufacturers.
It's safe, hassle-free, and the ultimate way to meet all your electronics related needs in one place.

A massive offer. That'll save you time, money & energy.

No limitations.

No headaches.

No lousy deals.

Everything so you focus on what you do best*
*While we do too.

What's in it for me?

You are a

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You'll get

→  to choose from over 5.000.000 different products and variants
→  fully customizable deals
→  convenient payment plans

You are a

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Large Corporation

You'll get

→  the previously mentioned
→  all required integration assistance for your in-house softwares & needs
→  advanced security service assistance

You are a


You'll get

→  access to a wide array of B2B opportunities
→  stock placement opportunities
→  a peek into the parallel market performance of your goods
In short

Beckius Systems is the smarter way to bring you electronics & fulfil your integration needs at the best rate.

A small step for you. A much bigger one for your KPI's

Feature phones
Laptops / PCs
Frequently Asked Questions

The world of consumer technology is always growing & evolving.

And so are we.

What can Beckius Systems do for me as a business ?

We can procure you electronics of all types, with a focus on Smartphones, Tablets, Computers & more. We also offer integration services that can engulf all your needs regarding the matter. Literally.

What can Beckius Systems do for me as a manufacturer or distributor ?

Through our vast network we can connect the right dots for you and help you place stock where needed and at the right conditions. We are deeply rooted in the parallel market and can provide you related insights.

Where do I start ?

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